Nature In My Yard This Morning

This morning I looked out into the garden and saw two beautiful Swallowtails and a Clouded Yellow butterfly so I grabbed my camera and rushed outside – of course there was not a butterfly in sight. I was taking some photographs of a wasp when a Monarch flew in. This gorgeous insect stayed just long enough for me to grab a photograph before sailing away as rapidly as it had arrived. A movement caught my eye and I realized there was a lovely Fiery Skipper at my feet. Then A Morning Cloud and a White arrived. After a few minutes I started walking towards the house when a Red Shouldered Hawk started to spiral on a thermal. Not a bad few minutes!


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2 Responses to Nature In My Yard This Morning

  1. Julie G says:

    A lovely series of photos! Such beautiful sights in your backyard. Fantastic hawk images!

  2. Linda Rockwell says:

    Wonderful photos! Beautiful butterflies; wonderful hawk images. 🙂

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