A London Garden

Last weekend I found myself in a tiny central London garden – one cherry tree, a small hedge, some potted plants and a rug sized lawn. I heard the sounds of a flock of small birds approaching through other gardens so I grabbed my camera and went outside. Within a minute or two over twenty long-tailed tits were all around me darting in and out of the tree and the hedge. A relation of the Bushtit from North America, Long-tailed tits tend to move in flocks and are small agile birds with long tails and brown and white plumage with a pink tinge. I noticed flashes of yellow and a Blue Tit was also in the tree. Then they were gone and I was about to go indoors when a European Jay landed on the wall of the garden next door. It had an acorn in its mouth. A classic pose for a Jay! I went back inside and then a Robbin flew down into the lawn just long enough for me to get a quick shot through the window. Not bad birding for a few minutes a stone’s throw away from one of the busiest central London Streets – One of the reasons there are so many birds around this area may be the proximity to Holland Park – a wonderful and partly wild public park.



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2 Responses to A London Garden

  1. Love those unexpected surprises! Nice bird photos.

  2. What lovely photos! Love those tits. 🙂

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