A Walk in Holland Park

London Parks are rich in history and beauty and Holland Park is no exception. Pwehaps not as well known as Hyde Park, Regents Park and St James Park it is well worth a visit.  It is also a great place to see Ring-necked Parakeets. This invasive species has been growing in numbers for years and recent mild winters seemed to have provided good conditions for these parrots.


A long time ago Holland Park was a country house surrounded by lovely grounds, and after being badly bombed in 1940 became a public park:


Holland Walk runs on one side of the Park.


At the top pf the walk you can see the playing field.


And on the right is the Orangery where outdoor opera is held in the summer.


Beautiful designs on old gates and walls:



One wing of the house still standing is now part of a Youth Hostel:


Familiar London wild life is all around:

Like this Woodpigeon:


Grey Squirrel


Juvenile Moorhen



Brhind the buildings are beautiful gardens: Bird feeders are everywhere and are caged – not just from the squirrels but from the Parrots as well!


Chaffinches at a feeder in Holland Park.


The Ring-necked Parakeets of Holland Park flying together shortly before roosting time.


These parrots are growing in numbers and although they are delightful to watch – they are beginning to cause problems for some of the native wildlife such as the woodpeckers that live in the nature reserve in the northern part of the Park.


Next time I hope to spend some time in and near the nature reserve, woods and meadows that make this Cental London Park even more special. 
A few quick steps and I am back in the heart of London streets again:


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