A Walk at the Eastern end of San Elijo Lagoon

On Saturday afternoon I went for a walk on a trail at the Eastern end of San Elijo Lagoon. There are woods and grasslands and reed beds. A calm, warm day with bright blue skies.  Sounds of birds everywhere but not many visible. However the sounds of a woodpecker tapping revealed a Nuttall’s just above my head in thick willow trees.


Song Sparrows flitted through the undergrowth


The bulrushes in the reed beds were beautiful 


 A Black Phoebe perched on a rock at the edge of the marsh


Beautiful late Summer wildflowers were everywhere


Jays called from dead trees and sage scrub


A king bird – a Cassins, I think was also perched in the dead branches


And Prickly Pear cactus was scattered through the grassland and scrub.


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