Gray Whale Watching in Baja

If you have the opportunity go to see the Gray whales in the Baja, California Lagoons – please do so. The Gray whales migrate here all the way from the Arctic. These magnificant animals were once hunted to near extinction. Now they are protected on their breeding grounds as well as in the Arctic and off the west coast of the United States. There are now about 20,000 Gray whales and in December they travel down to Baja Lagoons and give birth. By the end of March most of them have started their migration northwards again.  

Some of these whales have become very friendly towards visitors and delibrately approach the small boats. Sometines they even push their babies towards to boasts as if teaching the young ones about boats and humans! Whale watching in the lagoons is tightly regulated by local families and the boats wailt for the whales to come up and whale are not harassed in any way. I believe this is one of the only places where such a close relationship between whales and whale watchers has developed.

The whale pictures shown here are all in Laguna Oja de Libre and went I went in March 2010 there were about 1,800 whales in this area!



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