A walk by Robb Field, San Diego

It was a bright, sunny morning and the light was good. Marbled Godwits rested in a large group in the shallow water by the flood channel.


The Reflections were wonderful


There were many Royal terns too.


Walking along the path by the flood channel I stepped over a snail and could not resist taking a photograph!


Passed a snowy Egret – It’s plumage looking magnificant and showing off it’s beautiful yellow feet.


At the edge of the reeds a pair of Blue-winged teal were preening.


It was very hard to get a good photograph of the teal, however you can see the head and speculum quite well in this shot.


This is an Osprey nest  – The Osprey was not there – but you can see one of the Starlings that live among the nest branches too!


Nest stop was nearby Famosa Slough – Lots of Pied Grebes


This individual is in breeding Plumage. The main difference is the Pied Bill – which of course gives the Grebe its name.


I have never been to Famosa Slough without seeing a Black-crowned Night Heron. Here is a first year bird hiding in the reeds.

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