Early Spring in San Elijo Lagoon Part One

I heard that a pair of Hooded Mergansers were at San Elijo and I wanted to see these lovely ducks that are unusual here.SAN ELIJO - 01

 I arrived in early afternoon on March 29th. It was an overcast day and there were almost no visitors and very few birds and other wildlife visible. After a while, as I stood or sat quietly, I saw lots of nature all around me.  SAN ELIJO - 03

White crowned Sparrows were all around me and the smell of sage was intense at times.


I turned and looked over the lagoon. It was low tide and a Snowy Egret was hunting with great intensity.  SAN ELIJO - 05

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a Clapper Rail run across a gap and disappear from sight but I did get a rather blurry photograph!  SAN ELIJO - 04

Signs of Spring everywhere. Catkins and buds and flowers:  SAN ELIJO - 07SAN ELIJO - 08

The Lesser Goldfinches are busy:  SAN ELIJO - 09

The Lorquin’s Admiral butterflies are out: SAN ELIJO - 10SAN ELIJO - 11

Lizards are everywhere:  SAN ELIJO - 12

In the freshwater ponds there were lots of ducks: shoveler, Cinnamon Teal, Blue winged Teal, Mallard and even a coot.  SAN ELIJO - 13SAN ELIJO - 14SAN ELIJO - 15SAN ELIJO - 16SAN ELIJO - 18

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3 Responses to Early Spring in San Elijo Lagoon Part One

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  2. Lydia Cobb says:

    Hi Nigella, this is really terrific photography and I enjoy reading about your San Elijo Lagoon experiences. Thank you for sharing!

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