Celebrating Anna’s Hummingbirds

There are no hummingbirds where I lived as a child. I grew up in the beautiful Irish countryside but hummingbirds remained something exotic that I only saw in pictures.  Then I came to California and was mesmerized by these glittering  jewels of the bird world.  I never tire of watching the Anna’s Hummingbirds in my yard.DSC_0186DSC_0188DSC_0227DSC_0076DSC_0073DSC_0075DSC_0074DSC_0077

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6 Responses to Celebrating Anna’s Hummingbirds

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  3. They are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. earth2mother says:

    Beautiful photos…love hummingbirds. So tiny, but so feisty…get near them at nesting time and expect a jewelled bullet head in your direction.!!

  5. oceanshoresonline says:

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