Irish Spring: Insects and Spiders everywhere

The ground is bursting with new growth and wildflowers are out even though Spring is so late.  Insects and spiders are everywhere. It is hard to take a photograph of a flower without including at least one insect!

Bumblebees are bursting with nectar and spiders scuttle through the leaves or over the plants.  A large beetle, who has clearly been in a battle of some sort, lands on the window sill.  Hover flies settle briefly and dart away and Crane flies drift over the marsh and settle awkwardly on the foliage.

bumblebeebeetlespiderspider2fly onehoverflyhoverfly2crane fly

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5 Responses to Irish Spring: Insects and Spiders everywhere

  1. Corralena says:

    Lovely photos Nigella! Ireland looks like a green and glorious place in spring. . . 🙂

  2. Beautiful clear pictures.

  3. Those spiders creeped me out but they all are nice photos.

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