Some Irish Birds

At the end of May in Ireland nesting season is well underway and the dawn chorus is full of glorious sounds. As well as Thrushes, Backbirds, Robins and Tit species there are several other birds around.  However it can be a frustrating time of year for photographs as most birds are busy feeding and not staying still for long, or singing deep within thick foliage. I did manage to take a few shots of birds that were not completely covered with leaves and branches.

The Chiffchaff has such a distinctive song and always makes me smile when I hear it for the first time each year.



Here are two photographs I took of these beautiful warblers. Both of the same individual. I hadn’t realized before just how long their legs are!

sedge warbler

Another warbler that nests every year close to the lake shore is the Sedge Warbler. You can just make it out through the leaves!

female chaffinchmale chaffinch

When I was growing up a Chaffinch used to fly into the kitchen through the back door, grab crumbs, and fly out again. On my recent trip to Ireland the Chaffinches were busy feeding insects to their young.

Irish Wren

I heard European Wrens busy in the undergrowth and finally grabbed a shot of one close to me.

Irish Jay

One morning I looked out of the window and there was a beautiful Jay.  I love these loud, colorful birds with large, thick bills. The Irish subspecies of the European Jay is distinctly darker than the nominate species.

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3 Responses to Some Irish Birds

  1. Corralena says:

    Lovely photos Nigella. The Irish subspecies of the European Jay is spectacular!

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