Irish Spring More Butterflies and Dragonflies

When I was in Ireland Spring was late and many of the usual species were not around. Within a week the Speckled Wood butterflies were defending territories and courting along the woodland edge in patches of sunlight. The Green Veined White butterflies were still common. I like these underrated whites – the green underwing and delicate veining effect on the wings is beautiful.  The Blue Damselflies also became more frequent, and the stunning Southern Hawkers were busy skimming over the clearings by the lake’s edge.  I saw several daytime flying moths. There was even an Underwing Moth caterpillar on the wall. These caterpillars are usually beautifully camouflaged on trees but this one really stood out on the wall!


Southern Hawker


Male Speckled Wood



Male defending sun patch


Speckled Wood Courtship


Green Veined Whitesdamsell

Blue Damselfly


Another Damselfly


This caterpillar usually lives on tree bark


Beautiful Day time flying moth.  I do not know the species. If anyone can identify this moth I would be very grateful!

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18 Responses to Irish Spring More Butterflies and Dragonflies

  1. Ajaytao2010 says:

    I Nominate you for a Special Bouquet of Awards – 3 Nominations

    please accept it and oblige

    there are no linkbacks for this award

  2. Hope says:

    I love your photos. I have seen many dragon flies around, and never have my camera. Your photos are stunning!

  3. Hedwigia says:

    Lovely pictures. I accidentally went on a dragonfly identification course this morning – I mixed the dates up, and meant to be practising grass identfication – but I like dragonflies too, so…
    Still need lots of practise though, so your pictures are great!

  4. Wildlife TV says:

    Although they are all amazing, I couldn’t help notice the “Southern Hawker”. Such a beautiful creature.
    Now I wish I could go back in time to every encounter I had with such creatures so that I could learn a bit more about their patterns and even behaviour.

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  6. johndwm says:

    I have posted link to your beautiful photographs and descriptions! Thank you – John

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  8. Hi – I found something like your moth here I arrived there by clicking on ‘Moths’ at not sure how all that works but anyway my guess is it’s a Common Carpet Moth, anyone else have any better ideas?
    PS Gorgeous pictures – I can never get the damn things to stay still long enough for the digital bit in the camera to get round to taking the picture.

  9. Rose Klix says:

    My photography pales by comparison. You are truly a pro as demonstrated by these beautiful close ups.

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