A Walk in the Lake Wood in Ireland

The mixed woodlands in this corner of Ireland are deep and green with hints of old walls where fields once were.  Paths follow roads long gone.  In May the rich, new growth of late Spring is everywhere.

On the edge of the woods is the lake. When I took these photographs the water was still and golden in the sunlight. The ruined castle standing across the bay seemed closer than usual in the calmness.














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4 Responses to A Walk in the Lake Wood in Ireland

  1. Hope you don’t mind me asking where this is? And is the photo of the pine marten one of yours? Would love to see one of these beautiful animals… MM

  2. Yes, it is my photo – I don’t know who was more surprised – me or the young Pine Martin!
    This is central Ireland – Lough Derg on the the River Shannon.

  3. Tom Culver says:

    Beautiful images! It is no wonder so many of my Irish ancestors settled in Tennessee and North Carolina in the USA. The environment is very, very similar! Thanks for posting!

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