Birds at San Diego Zoo

We are very lucky to have a world class zoo in San Diego.  I greatly admire their conservation and education programs.  I went there recently and focused on some of the birds.  Seeing some of these magnificent species up close is a privilege, and an inspiration to protect birds and their habitats in the wild.

The first two photographs are of the beautiful male Cock of the Rock from the rain forests of Peru and some other South American countries. The next one is a pair of Hawk Headed Parrots from Brazil, and lastly the delicate Pink Eared Duck from Australia.

cof the rcof the r2hawkheadpink eared duck

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6 Responses to Birds at San Diego Zoo

  1. Rose Klix says:

    Beautiful photography of gorgeous birds. God is in unrivaled artist.

  2. I love this place too! I go there to walk the hills often and always find some amazing sights. Not only the animals are wonderful but the fauna is incredible and ever changing. Great Pics!

  3. Yes, the Zoo is a great place to walk – and as you say – always changing!

  4. What lovely pictures!

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