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Green Katydid on the Road

I found a slightly stunned Katydid on the street. It looked fine but was missing half an Antenna and not moving. I carefully picked it up and put it on a table in the garden.  I took photographs as it … Continue reading

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More Spiders In the Garden

  I spent a few more minutes in the yard this weekend with my macro lens and found spiders everywhere. Orb Weavers  Jumping Spiders, Funnel Weavers  –

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Our new Lagoon Jellies

I took some video of our new Lagoon Jellies last night. They are so graceful. They are about the size of a quarter and found in saltwater lakes and bays in the Indio Pacific. They can feed by ingesting plankton … Continue reading

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Nature is Everywhere

Over the weekend I spent a few minutes searching my postage-stamp of a yard for the wildlife that is there but often overlooked.  I do not mean just the birds or the large butterflies that pass through, but also the … Continue reading

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Antarctica: Celebrating Weddell Seals

I love Weddell Seals. They are large and fat and rather clumsy on land, but very much at home under the ice.  I took several photographs of a Weddell that came ashore on the Antarctic Peninsula.  It is hard to … Continue reading

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Going Back to Antarctica

I started looking through my photographs again and could not resist sharing some penguin photographs from my favorite place on the planet.  Antarctica is a wonderful area for taking photos – the scenery is so beautiful and the birds tame. … Continue reading

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The Sanderling

Looking out at the ocean today I thought about the Sanderlings that spend the winter on the beach below. I love watching them run after the receding waves and feeding as they go.  Sanderlings breed in the high Arctic a … Continue reading

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