Antarctica: Celebrating Weddell Seals

I love Weddell Seals. They are large and fat and rather clumsy on land, but very much at home under the ice.  I took several photographs of a Weddell that came ashore on the Antarctic Peninsula.  It is hard to think that this seal can dive down to 2000,00 feet and can hold its breathe for 40 minutes. These animals also make extraordinary sounds underwater.  It sounds a bit like sci-fi music with clicks and thumps thrown in. The sounds can be so loud that people standing on the ice above can hear them!


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8 Responses to Antarctica: Celebrating Weddell Seals

  1. kristinazibellphotography says:

    I love your photographs. You are lucky to capture what few others will see in life.

  2. Thank you! I am indeed very lucky to have been to Antarctica

  3. gricci says:

    Reblogged this on gefry777.

  4. twoscamps says:

    These are wonderful photos! What a wonderful to end my day finding your blog! 🙂 -Maureen

  5. I must admit when the seal rolls over onto its back it reminds me of my fat cat! LOL Great photos!

  6. Adorable!. Such a breathtaking diving ability. Lovely creatures all.

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