Nature is Everywhere

Over the weekend I spent a few minutes searching my postage-stamp of a yard for the wildlife that is there but often overlooked.  I do not mean just the birds or the large butterflies that pass through, but also the tiny creatures tucked away under the leaves on on the fruit of the lemon trees.  It did not take long to find some wonderful tiny animals: A miniature jumping spider; brilliant blue-green flies; wasps with elongated, thin waists; a brilliant ladybug; a Fiery Skipper butterfly and a large black fly.

garden11 garden10 garden9 garden7 garden6 garden5 garden3 garden4 garden2 garden1

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3 Responses to Nature is Everywhere

  1. Kerri says:

    Truly awesome captures!!!

  2. What great pics!
    About a thousand years ago, when I was still young – I lived in Africa and we used to call those narrow waisted wasps, hornets. I remember they had a very powerful sting – luckily, there only ever seemed to be a half dozen or so in a nest, so one or two stings was usually the most you would get.

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