Magical Antarctica

Antarctica is a place of haunting beauty.  I think it is hard not to take nice photographs there as everywhere you look the scenery is simply stunning.  I t is a place I like to remember when I want to relax.  I am sharing a few photos that I took some years ago in the Antarctic Peninsula. We were lucky enough to have several days of sunshine. I have included a photograph showing just how thick the fog can be making Antarctica magical in a different way! It is unlikely to be sunny all the time you visit but usually the sun comes out for at least some of the trip.



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15 Responses to Magical Antarctica

  1. mtphotoii says:

    These are stunning!!!!

  2. Absolutely incredible scenery – amazing photos!

  3. Wonderful series of images Nigella! So beautiful! 🙂

  4. Quite enjoyed, for it is a beauty I know I will never see except for the wonderful images you share, thanks

  5. Amanda Scott says:

    Beautiful photos of what looks like such a beautiful place!

  6. Bosque Bill says:

    Gorgeous. Do I remember right that you’re going again this year?

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