Eagles Rising

When I was in Taiwan I was invited to see “the Eagles Rising”. This is the stunning annual hawk migration in Southern Taiwan that occurs every September to October.  Chinese Goshawks and other species migrate to the Philippines from China and Korea and pass through Taiwan.  Early the next morning we went through the woods up into the hills to an observation platform and joined several other birders waiting for raptors to appear. Straining our eyes we trained our binoculars and telescopes on the sky. Suddenly Chinese Goshawks started to fly by. At first one or two at a time and then small groups. It was windy so they flew low and close.  It was a really wonderful experience watching these magnificent birds.


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9 Responses to Eagles Rising

  1. Mike Powell says:

    Wonderful shots of such beautiful birds. I like the fact that you included photos of your fellow birders and photographers to give a better sense of context to the event.

  2. Thank you so much Mike. It was a really great experience! I am glad you liked the ‘context’ photos too!

  3. What a wonderful opportunity! Lovely shots too. Must have been great, I’m thoroughly jealous – (not sure about the ‘early in the morning’ part though)

  4. Thanks David – It was great! You are right about the early morning part though – it was tough to get up in the dark at 4am….but well worth it!

  5. Michael56j says:

    Beautiful photos. What a privilege for you to have seen these.

  6. What a wonderful experience.

  7. Michael56j says:

    Reblogged this on A View of the World from Aberdare and commented:
    What an awesome experience

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