Insects in Taiwan

Taiwan is famous for its beautiful butterflies and dragonflies.  Most of them moved too fast for my camera to catch but here are a few examples of the wonderful insects I saw recently.  The forests and wetlands were full of flashes of blues and reds and yellows as gorgeous insects flew through the trees or over the water.



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10 Responses to Insects in Taiwan

  1. Mike Powell says:

    Beautiful shots of some gorgeous insects–I especially like the variety of dragonflies.

  2. Your photos are amazing! Thanks got checking in on my blog .

  3. Beautiful close-ups. What amazing detail on these creatures.

  4. Bosque Bill says:

    Twitter recommended you as someone to follow & I thought, “Good grief, I thought I already was following Nigella – in fact I know that I was, what happened?” Well, whatever strangeness happened, it did bring to my attention your interesting naturalist’s blog, with which I was unfamiliar, and these cool insects. Looks like wonderful travels.

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