Water Birds From Taiwan

I saw some beautiful water birds while I was in Taiwan.  A wonderful mixture of familiar birds from Europe and North America showed what a wide distribution some of these birds have.  I saw a beautiful Little Grebe (Dabchick), some stunning Common Kingfishers, shorebirds including Greenshank and Redshank and the elegant Black winged Stilt.  Little terns were fishing over wetlands and Moorhens walked on lily pads and lotus leaves.  A juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron stood in the shallows.


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9 Responses to Water Birds From Taiwan

  1. Jui-Yuan says:

    Lovely pictures! They bring back the wonderful memories of those days wandering around the wetlands in south Taiwan. Just like a dream to me!

  2. Wonderful pictures. I love the neon colors, especially those bright legs! Never been to Taiwan, but the Kingfisher is reminiscent of those pretty birds in Costa Rica.

  3. navery101 says:

    These are wonderful!

  4. Corralena says:

    Some really wonderful photos, Nigella!

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