Early November in San Elijo Lagoon

I arrived at noon just as the mist rolled in from the ocean


Soon the sun broke through again lighting up the Dodder plants growing over vegetation.


I noticed a shorebird below me on the edge of the water.  I got closer – it was a Long-billed Dowitcher


I moved on around the Lagoon


As I started walking through the willows a Scrub-Jay called despite having a bill full of berries!


A familiar sound in the trees – the Yellow-rumped Warblers were back!



As I neared the nature center I saw a beautiful Mockingbird



By now the tide was beginning to go out exposing the mud. Looping round part of the lagoon again I saw a Killdeer fly on to the mudflats.


The sun was really bright by now and the fall colors all around me were beautiful


A Snowy Egret looked up and a Cormorant flew over.



As I started to walk towards my car a bird flying over the lagoon caught my eye. it was a Curlew. Four cyclists went by just as I took a photograph.  For me this really illustrates what a wonderful oasis San Diego Lagoon is  – in the heart of a busy coastal area.




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9 Responses to Early November in San Elijo Lagoon

  1. beingmeyear says:

    Great to see birds similar to those on the coastal estuary near where I Iive in the UK, but with slight differences and such fantastic names! Lovely shots.

  2. Mike Powell says:

    Beautiful shots of a lot of different birds. I love the image with the shadowy cyclists in the background.

  3. A true oasis for the soul … How beautiful each creature is. The scenery, enchanting!.

  4. Beth says:

    What a beautiful photo essay. I especially enjoyed your photo of the yellow-rumped warbler! I saw my last one for the season in mid-October as they were migrating through and fed in the hackberry trees. I look forward to their return next spring.

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