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Leopard Seals In Antarctica

I was totally unprepared for Leopard Seals – so unlike any other seal I had ever seen.  Fierce predators of the Antarctic they can be seen lying on ice floes resting between hunts. They have long necks with large mouths … Continue reading

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The bufflehead is one of my favorite waterfowl.  I saw a male this afternoon on San Elijo lagoon by the coast here north of San Diego. They nest in trees in Northern forests – usually the old nests of the … Continue reading

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Visiting the Antarctic Peninsula

I am getting very excited at the thought of going back to the Antarctic Peninsula at the end of the year.  It is a magical place to visit and. I am posting a short video of the ship going through … Continue reading

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A Wet and Windy afternoon at San Elijo Lagoon

Yesterday I went to San Elijo Lagoon between Cardiff and Solana Beach, California. There were heavy showers all day long and bouts of glorious sunshine and rainbows.  The rain made everything shine and there was new growth from recent rains … Continue reading

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Shrimpfish Choreography

I was watching our Shrimpfish at Birch Aquarium this evening and couldn’t resist posting a short video of them.  I never tire of looking at the way they synchronize with apparent military precision.  Shrimpfish actually choose to swim in a … Continue reading

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