Shrimpfish Choreography

I was watching our Shrimpfish at Birch Aquarium this evening and couldn’t resist posting a short video of them.  I never tire of looking at the way they synchronize with apparent military precision.  Shrimpfish actually choose to swim in a vertical position with head pointing down. They look rather like a stand of waving seagrass and it is probably a good way to escape the attention of predators. They are also known to hide from potential enemies, upright amongst the spines of sea urchins.

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7 Responses to Shrimpfish Choreography

  1. Mike Powell says:

    Wow. It took me a few seconds to realize there were fish–I thought they were plants (I probably should have read the text first). Cool video.

  2. The wondrous diversity of Life. The music is perfect for this captivating dance.

  3. 1left says:

    They are very pleasant to watch and I agree with Carmen nice choice of music.

  4. Yes, they are amazing fish! and I am so glad you liked the music –

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