A Wet and Windy afternoon at San Elijo Lagoon

Yesterday I went to San Elijo Lagoon between Cardiff and Solana Beach, California.

There were heavy showers all day long and bouts of glorious sunshine and rainbows.  The rain made everything shine and there was new growth from recent rains everywhere.  I love this time of year in wetlands.  So many colors – rich browns and reds and new green growth in the sage scrub.  Coyote Bush that looked like bunches of small paintbrushes ready to be used, and the early evening light touched everything with gold.  Large bunches of giant kelp drifted lazily by on the outgoing tide to remind me that the lagoon is really part of the ocean.      pl2pl1pl4pl10pl7pl5pl8pl9pl11pl3pl6

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3 Responses to A Wet and Windy afternoon at San Elijo Lagoon

  1. Wonderful views, wetlands are such rich eco-systems. That trail is a beautiful walk!.

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