Chinstrap Penguins, Antarctic Peninsula December 31st 2013

These agile birds with delicate markings are my favorite penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula.  I love the ‘chinstrap’ that seems to make them smile all the time!  I took many photographs and wanted to share some that I took on Penguin island.


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14 Responses to Chinstrap Penguins, Antarctic Peninsula December 31st 2013

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  2. Didn’t know anything about chinstrap Penguins before. I pinned one of the photos on my bird board on Pinterest. I hope you don’t mind.

  3. westerner54 says:

    So full of personality. Thanks for these great images.

  4. navery101 says:

    Wow!!! Great, great, great!

  5. Wow, some really fantastic National Geo. worthy photos!

  6. I love your pictures!! These penguins are so adorable 😀

  7. It must have been entertaining photographing these penguins. They have a comical look about them. Terrific photographs of a beautiful creature in a rarefied place on earth, Nigella.

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