Celebrating Marine Life

I love penguins and it is a joy to watch them at the New England aquarium – they are at the base of the giant ocean tank that is such a signature feature at the aquarium. This a truly magnificent area several stories high and full of breathtaking marine life and I include a few snapshots taken with my  phone.  There are also many other small tanks to see that some people overlook – windows onto many ocean worlds.  For example the Pacific North West wave tank is small but full of stunning Giant Green Anemones with some beautiful Surfperch.

photo 12African Penguins at the New England Aquarium

photo 1Part of the Giant Ocean Tank

photo 5One of the Sea Turtles in the Giant Ocean tank

photo 11A detail from one of the Giant Ocean Tank windows


14A Surfperch swimming through the Giant Green Anemones in the small Pacific wave tank

Giant GreenThe beautiful Green Anemones

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