August Birds in Boston Public Garden

Sometimes I walk to work through the wonderful Boston Public Garden admiring the trees, the flowers, and the lake.  I also keep an eye out for the birds – the bright red flash of a cardinal or the iridescent flash of a grackle. The Garden is full of birds and some of them unfamiliar to me (coming from the West Coast) like the Common Grackle.  In the early evening other birds fly over the park feeding or on the way to roost – there are many swallows and swifts and even cormorants passing by.

Here are a few photos that I took one morning last week as I wandered through the Garden on my way to work.  Boston is full of green areas and there are a lot of resident birds to be seen  in August.








Red winged Blackbird




Common Grackles


Canada Goose




House Sparrows




Rock Dove or “City Pigeon”






The tame Mute Swans kept in the Garden








And I could not resist including a couple of pictures of the resident Grey Squirrels – one of them ran off with a dropped muffin!



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5 Responses to August Birds in Boston Public Garden

  1. Fabio says:

    Excellent bird photos! Thank you!

  2. Lovely pictures! – Interesting – the starling I recognised straight away (obviously another world traveller along with the dove) – the robin is quite different to ours, much bigger and quite a scarlet breast compared to our robin’s more orange colouring – and black, of course against our brown.

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