Fall in the Hudson Valley

Last month I went to a conference above the Hudson river. The leaves were turning and  late garden flowers  blooming.  Although it was wet and windy outside everything seemed to glow with rich fall warmth.  I spent an hour one morning taking some photographs with my phone, and here are some of the results..

photo 1-3photo 1-4photo 4photo 4-4photo 4-2photo 3photo 4-3photo 3-4photo 3-3photo 3-2photo 2photo 2-5photo 2-4photo 2-2photo 2-3photo 1photo 1-5photo 1-2photo

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1 Response to Fall in the Hudson Valley

  1. Jet Eliot says:

    I enjoyed your lovely photos…especially the shelf mushrooms on the tree trunk, and the morning glories opening up to the sunshine. 🙂

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