Afternoon Walk by the Lake in Ireland

The cottage is surrounded by trees including beech, oak, larch and Scots Pine.  The lane winds through mixed woodland leading to hedgerows and fields. These photographs were taken at the end of May on a walk through the woods and into the marsh by the lake just before sunset.DSC_2632DSC_2286DSC_2643DSC_2629DSC_2602DSC_2617DSC_2283DSC_1967DSC_2624DSC_2579DSC_2303DSC_2297DSC_2294DSC_2570DSC_2246DSC_2237DSC_2571DSC_2584DSC_2460DSC_2437DSC_2447DSC_2384DSC_2421DSC_2435

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4 Responses to Afternoon Walk by the Lake in Ireland

  1. Cynthia says:

    These are so beautiful!

  2. lovely lovely lovely, the small country roads, the snail.

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