Kiribati, The Warmth of Christmas Island

I visited Christmas Island for some meetings this week. It is the largest coral atoll in the world –  150 square miles or so and a lagoon about the same size.  It is in a remote area of the Pacific as part of the Northern Line Islands of Kiribati. I basked in the wonderful warmth of welcome from the people of Kiribati as well as the warm tropical breeze.  I had read as much as I could about Christmas Island before I went and in many ways it was as expected  – many coconut trees and houses with tin roofs or grass thatch – a beautiful lagoon and a warm pacific ocean – and a small population of welcoming folk, however I had not expected to fall in love with this special place and its warm and kind people.  I took many photographs  – here are a few to give you a sense of the island.

photo 1

Welcome at the AirportDSC_2976

The Captain Cook Hotelphoto 1-2

Bungalow on the beachphoto 3

View from my bungalow front door.DSC_2980

Beside my Bungalowphoto 1-3

Sunset that first eveningphoto 4

Dawn light the next dayDSC_3578

An hour or so laterDSC_3564

Looking down the beach in the opposite directionDSC_3029

Taking photos from the car when we drove down the main road on the islandDSC_3037DSC_3038DSC_3051

Looking out onto the lagoonDSC_3070

Fishing close to the harborDSC_3052

Fishing BoatDSC_3078

The Port in London, Christmas Island.DSC_3345

Fisherman on the LagoonDSC_3091

London from further off shoreDSC_3368

Taking pictures on the way back to the hotelDSC_3376DSC_3370

ATM machineDSC_3383DSC_3603

School visit – much wonderful singing and dancingphoto 3-2

School assembly hallDSC_3451

View of a corner of the lagoon often used for swimming and boatingDSC_3493DSC_3506photo 2




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