Seabirds of Christmas Island

On a recent visit to Christmas Island, Kiribati I was lucky enough to spend a short time with the local wildlife official on a rat-free island in the lagoon reserved for seabirds. Christmas Island is an important breeding area for several tropical seabird species including the Sooty Tern. It was not the breeding season for the terns but Red tailed Tropic birds, the Brown Noddy and the rare Phoenix Petrol were breeding and I saw several nests. The birds were unafraid of us and it was wonderful to be surrounded by Noddies and Fairy Terns and Tropic birds!


Brown Noddies on the beachDSC_3137

Brown NoddiesDSC_3159DSC_3241DSC_3262

Frigate BirdsDSC_3062DSC_3064

Sooty TernsDSC_3082DSC_3054DSC_2925

Masked BoobiesDSC_2794

Red Foted BoobyDSC_3161

Red Tailed Tropic BirdDSC_3188DSC_3208DSC_3154

Phoenix PetrolsDSC_3189

Phoenix Petrol on the nestDSC_3195

Blue NoddiesDSC_3212DSC_3217

Fairy TernDSC_3181DSC_3180DSC_3177DSC_3176DSC_3174

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2 Responses to Seabirds of Christmas Island

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  2. How lucky to have this experience and great to see that there is a rat-free bird island on Kiribati. Is it threatened by rising sea-levels?

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