Rose Atoll, Remote US National Monument. Part One Brown Boobies

Rose Atoll is a tiny speck on the map in the Southern pacific and is part of American Samoa.  This remote place has one small island that you can walk around in twenty minutes but is home for over 300,000 seabirds.  This is the first of a series of blogs about this land of  sun and sand,  sky and sea, pink rocks and guano.  There are three species of Boobies nesting on Rose Island. The brown boobies always seem slightly comical on land but are so graceful in the air.


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5 Responses to Rose Atoll, Remote US National Monument. Part One Brown Boobies

  1. MJF Images says:

    Nice! Did you make it to Western Samoa? That’s a place I’ve always wanted to go.

  2. gpj103 says:

    Wow. Such beautiful birds, much like gannets, but both stunning to look at up close.

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