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Ofu Beach American Samoa National Park

The second island in American Samoa I visited was Ofu. It is joined by a slim suspension bridge to Olisega and together they are six kilometers long.  This isolated speck of paradise has steep verdant slopes of thick forest and … Continue reading

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Roman Marine Life

This afternoon I went to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the new Goya Exhibition. It is wonderful and well worth a visit.  I had a few minutes to spare so I wondered over to the Greek and Roman … Continue reading

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Shrimpfish Choreography

I was watching our Shrimpfish at Birch Aquarium this evening and couldn’t resist posting a short video of them.  I never tire of looking at the way they synchronize with apparent military precision.  Shrimpfish actually choose to swim in a … Continue reading

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Copper banded butterflyfish

Our new Copper-banded butterflyfish at the Aquarium is beautiful. I could not resist sharing a short video. Also called Beaked coralfish, these Indo Pacific reef fish have elongated snouts with small mouths so they can feed on invertebrates in small … Continue reading

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