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Unlikely Ocean Relatives

Not all gelatinous, transparent animals floating in the ocean are jellies.  Some of the most fascinating of these animals are actually tunicates called Salps. This means they are Chordates and are more closely related to me than to jellies!  They … Continue reading

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Around for 500 Million Years

They are 95% water but jellies –  ancient marine invertebrates – never cease to fascinate me!  These are a few snapshots I took recently of some of the jellies at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps. The first photo is a … Continue reading

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Seahorses are extraordinary and beautiful fish with heads like horses and tails like monkeys. We have a seahorse exhibit and today I took a few photographs of some of these remarkable animals to share with you.

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Moon Jellies at Birch Aquarium

We have a beautiful Moon Jelly display at the aquarium. We have recently switched to LED lighting for many of our displays. This not only allows us to save energy but also makes it easier to change colors.  Most of … Continue reading

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The Wonderful baby Pot bellied Seahorses at Birch Aquarium

Using time-lapse photography app on my phone I took some photos of the seahorses this evening before leaving work and this is the result! Continue reading

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The female Wolf eel at Birch Aquarium a few hours before producing eggs

The Wolf eels at th Aquarium are a devoted pair who spend much of their time side by side in a cave. These lovable but serilously ugly fish can produce over a thousand eggs. Our female went into labor and here is a short video of her a few hours b… Continue reading

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Baby Red Abalone make a beautiful pattern on a blue background at Birch Aquarium

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