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Ofu Beach American Samoa National Park

The second island in American Samoa I visited was Ofu. It is joined by a slim suspension bridge to Olisega and together they are six kilometers long.  This isolated speck of paradise has steep verdant slopes of thick forest and … Continue reading

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Roman Marine Life

This afternoon I went to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the new Goya Exhibition. It is wonderful and well worth a visit.  I had a few minutes to spare so I wondered over to the Greek and Roman … Continue reading

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Celebrating Marine Life

I love penguins and it is a joy to watch them at the New England aquarium – they are at the base of the giant ocean tank that is such a signature feature at the aquarium. This a truly magnificent … Continue reading

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Shrimpfish Choreography

I was watching our Shrimpfish at Birch Aquarium this evening and couldn’t resist posting a short video of them.  I never tire of looking at the way they synchronize with apparent military precision.  Shrimpfish actually choose to swim in a … Continue reading

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Copper banded butterflyfish

Our new Copper-banded butterflyfish at the Aquarium is beautiful. I could not resist sharing a short video. Also called Beaked coralfish, these Indo Pacific reef fish have elongated snouts with small mouths so they can feed on invertebrates in small … Continue reading

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The Black and White Clownfish Have Eggs Again

Our black and white Ocellaris Clownfish have eggs again and they are such fun to watch. These Clownfish are the same species as the often more familiar orange and white Clownfish as in The movie Finding Nemo. The black and … Continue reading

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I was in Ireland this year at just the right time for the Mayfly.  Large quantities of these ancient insects crawl out of the limestone lakes and crawl up reeds to hatch into adults. The nymphs live for two years … Continue reading

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Seahorses are extraordinary and beautiful fish with heads like horses and tails like monkeys. We have a seahorse exhibit and today I took a few photographs of some of these remarkable animals to share with you.

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The Wonderful baby Pot bellied Seahorses at Birch Aquarium

Using time-lapse photography app on my phone I took some photos of the seahorses this evening before leaving work and this is the result! Continue reading

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The female Wolf eel at Birch Aquarium a few hours before producing eggs

The Wolf eels at th Aquarium are a devoted pair who spend much of their time side by side in a cave. These lovable but serilously ugly fish can produce over a thousand eggs. Our female went into labor and here is a short video of her a few hours b… Continue reading

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