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Ofu Beach American Samoa National Park

The second island in American Samoa I visited was Ofu. It is joined by a slim suspension bridge to Olisega and together they are six kilometers long.  This isolated speck of paradise has steep verdant slopes of thick forest and … Continue reading

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August Birds in Boston Public Garden

Sometimes I walk to work through the wonderful Boston Public Garden admiring the trees, the flowers, and the lake.  I also keep an eye out for the birds – the bright red flash of a cardinal or the iridescent flash … Continue reading

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A Walk in Holland Park

London Parks are rich in history and beauty and Holland Park is no exception. Pwehaps not as well known as Hyde Park, Regents Park and St James Park it is well worth a visit. It is also a great place to see Ring-necked Parakeets. This invasive spe… Continue reading

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A walk in Sr James’s park part two

The spring borders are beautiful with flowers in bloom everywhere. Coots everywhere and a beautiful view of Whitehall anf the Horseguards Continue reading

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Appearances can be Deceptive: Part one

Recently I went for another walk by a different lake. The first photograph should give you a good clue re location – with Buckingham Palace in the background! Wildlife was everywhere and Spring was clearly well underway. Continue reading

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