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Penguin Island

We arrived in the South Shetland Islands next to the Antarctic Peninsula on New Year’s Eve.  That afternoon we piled into zodiacs and landed on Penguin Island where there is a large colony of Chinstrap Penguins. These are my favorite … Continue reading

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Visiting the Antarctic Peninsula

I am getting very excited at the thought of going back to the Antarctic Peninsula at the end of the year.  It is a magical place to visit and. I am posting a short video of the ship going through … Continue reading

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Shrimpfish Choreography

I was watching our Shrimpfish at Birch Aquarium this evening and couldn’t resist posting a short video of them.  I never tire of looking at the way they synchronize with apparent military precision.  Shrimpfish actually choose to swim in a … Continue reading

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Our new Lagoon Jellies

I took some video of our new Lagoon Jellies last night. They are so graceful. They are about the size of a quarter and found in saltwater lakes and bays in the Indio Pacific. They can feed by ingesting plankton … Continue reading

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