Late summer woodland birds in Maine

The last week in August is an interesting time.  Migrants are gorging on insects and seeds before moving south.  Resident birds are also taking advantage of plentiful food before fall comes.  Here are some photographs of residents plus a couple of beautiful warblers that will be leaving soon – A first year male Cape May Warbler and a female Black and White warbler.


Red-breasted NuthatchDSC_0765

White-breasted NuthatchDSC_0670

Hairy WoodpeckerDSC_0842DSC_0753

GoldfinchDSC_1280 (1)

Female Black andWhite Warbler DSC_0991

First year male Cape May Warbler DSC_0995

Chipping SparrowDSC_0828


Possible song sparrowDSC_1277

Black capped Chickadee

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4 Responses to Late summer woodland birds in Maine

  1. pilipala51 says:

    What pretty birds. Nice to see different birds to those in the UK.

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