More birds in Taiwan

I was not able to go birding in the mountains on my recent visit to Taiwan – The threat of a tornado made that impossible – however I managed to see many interesting and new species in the cities and surrounding areas in the South.  there are no House Sparrows in Taiwan – so the Tree Sparrows have taken over that niche. They are everywhere – in the fields and in the towns. Despite the rain and the wind before the tornado arrived I managed to take a few photographs of some of the birds I saw. Some species I only caught a glimpse of and they will have to wait until my next visit like the the gorgeous Taiwanese Barbet or ‘Five color bird’.


Drongos were common. I managed to photograph one eating a dragonfly.


I was fascinated by several small yellow bird flittering about in the bushes – they turned out to be Japanese White-eyes:


I saw my first Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker – such amazing feet for clasping!

tbs5Then there was that wonderful Magpie – a Treepie actually  – the Grey Treepie – unfortunately the light was terrible and it was raining:


Then there were the Chinese Bulbuls – pretty common birds very similar to the endemic Taiwanese Bulbul that is found in the very South.  The Chinese Bulbul has white on the back of the head and easy to spot.





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16 Responses to More birds in Taiwan

  1. I pinned the Drongos on my “birds” board on Pinterest. Lovely photos. I love birds and belong to the Audubon Society.

  2. It is delightful to become acquainted with beautiful birds of distant lands. Your captures are wonderful despite the weather. Thank you for this collection of lovely creatures.

  3. navery101 says:

    Very nice way to start the day with these wonderful photos…thanks!

  4. lkgphoto says:

    Amazing birds! All on my “one day” wish list. 😉

  5. Johan Chaves says:

    Nice pictures, I particularly like the Chinese Bulbul.

  6. Such lovely photos! I love the rock filled with all the little brown birds.

  7. Thank you for this information! I was looking for the names of the birds I took pictures of today and you helped me name two! Thank you!!

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