The bufflehead is one of my favorite waterfowl.  I saw a male this afternoon on San Elijo lagoon by the coast here north of San Diego. They nest in trees in Northern forests – usually the old nests of the Northern Flicker, but overwinter on the coast much further south.  Small and compact with smart black and  white markings these tiny ducks can take off straight from the water without running on the surface. When the male displays he puffs up his head feathers and swims in front of the female and bobs his head. Hence the name Buffalo Head that became Bufflehead.  If you get close to a male you can see the beautiful iridescent purple and green markings on the head.  I took a few photos of the Bufflehead in the evening light and three are below.


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4 Responses to Bufflehead

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  2. What a colourful and lovely duck in his reflection, Nigella, Thank you for sharing the beauty of this place.

    I have nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award. Congratulations!.If your blog accepts awards, the rules are here:


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