Morning Walk in the Baja Desert behind Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is known for it’s wonderful marine preserve  – a very special place teeming with ocean life. What is not so well known is that the desert behind the village is also amazing. I was lucky enough to go for a walk up into the hills early one morning last March.  The dawn light was golden and the flowers and insects glowed.  Lizards moved onto branches and rocks to warm in the new sun. There were new paw prints in the sand and fresh scat – signs that a Bobcat had recently passed by – The stillness and quiet of the dawn in this magical desert was broken by the scattered chorus of  birds – and then it was time to turn back before the heat of the day became too strong.





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1 Response to Morning Walk in the Baja Desert behind Cabo Pulmo

  1. What beautiful pictures these photos conjure up. Stunning!
    (As a young teenager I devoured ‘cowboy’ books – Zane Grey etc. – for some reason these pictures bring back light touches of those days)

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